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Whether you’re a photographer, writer, teacher, fashion enthusiast, or a utiliser of mechanical technology producing delicate artwork (e.g. 3D printing or filmmaker), Design Eye will be the perfect community to share advice and tips for anything  in relation to design.

Art and design are constantly evolving around us as we develop more advanced technology that contributes efficiently to allow us to share on an interface level. As software developers are working endlessly to create and improve programs, we’ll keep you up to date with published articles on what’s anticipated to be released and what’s essential to your lifestyle.

We’ll provide you with valuable educational material that’s essential to your practice of design. Our sources are highly reliable and quite simple to understand, making it too easy for you to master your passion in design.

With such a wide community sharing our passion for design, we aim at making this blog a social online resource centre where readers can input their suggestions and enquire for assistance from other active readers.



bouquet in the hands of the bride

Design history

We know that the manifestation of art combined with design has dated back from the very beginning of human existence. History has taught us that cavemen have expressed their creativity through cave drawings, an effective way of communicating while providing crucial evidence of the early existence of art and design.

It’s weird to imagine the world before the internet; yet thanks to developers and designers who had a vision to use the operation of technology to merge many networks (sharing of information); we now cannot exist without the internet.

Similarly, our site cannot exist without vital information being shared. As we further explore the phenomenon of the developing world of design, we’ll be sure to also link you fantastic readings on the history and very beginnings of design.


bouquet in the hands of the bride


Digital colouring of an image can set the tone of how each individual wants to express their photography for others to view. We’ve witnessed the popularity explosion of the social media network Instagram, with many optional filters to select from; any user with a phone today can classify themselves as photographers.

For the professional photographers who utilises programs to perfect their pictures such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, we’ll make sure to post the latest updates with the combination of recommendations to further highlight your work.

Likewise, we encourage you to share your work and advice to other experts and amateurs alike.

From digital cameras used, to location, lighting and techniques, maybe even anecdotes of the experience; you’ll find our sources extremely useful for your next project.


bouquet in the hands of the bride


Graphic designers have the ability to interlace words, images and symbols to create a piece of communication that represents ideas or messages. We can see great examples of these in magazines, logos, websites, product packaging, etc.

Design technology simplifies our work and permits us to create whatever we imagine. With existing software designs to specifically let us draw, edit and detail elements; we can visually present them before actually creating the physical model.

From this, the visual idea is then physically developed with the use of mechanical technology. An ongoing mechanical technology that we’re obsessed with is the 3D printer.  Unlike normal printers, this operates through the printing of layer by layer to create the prototype.

Of course 3D printing isn’t the only mechanical technology that’s available to create your design; we’ve included plenty of handy design machinery in this category that may be of your interest.